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The first cryosauna in Martin!

3 minutes in cryosauna = 800 cal

Cryotherapy is designed for everyone who cares about their health and vitality. Unique and modern alternative treatment method with an extremely low temperature (- 120 and above) for 1-3 minutes. It has curative, preventive and regenerative effects. It plays an important role in the process of regeneration of the organism and in the treatment of post-traumatic conditions of the musculoskeletal system, in cosmetics it is used to improve blood circulation, skin rejuvenation, anti-aging therapy and to remove toxins from the body.

The procedure itself is done in 2 phases - cooling and subsequent heating (intensive exercise - stationary bicycle). During the entire stay in cryosauna, the clients are in contact with the attending health care staff. Positive effects in terms of the hormonal response of the organism are reached after sixth to eight days in cryosauna. Ideally, the cure should include 10 entries.

Who is it for?

Everyone interested in adapting to increased body weight, increasing body fitness and body resistance. Active athletes, managers and people with health problems. Cryotherapy stimulates the immune system and initiates regenerative processes in the body. Cryotherapy is commonly used in modern sports medicine.

The Cryotherapy Process

Cryotherapy stimulates cold-responsive receptors only. During the procedure, the body temperature drops only by 0.5 ° C and the skin temperature by no more than 3 ° C. Extreme cold on the receptors causes a process that positively affects the nerve endings and causes the body to react, produce hormones, increase metabolism, and reduce the sensation of pain. As a result of exposure to extreme cold, hormones are activated and corticosteroids released in the amount necessary to eliminate inflammatory processes, pain inhibitors, endorphins, hormones of happiness, adrenaline, testosterone and many other beneficial substances.

Cryotherapy and sports

Sportspeople use it as one of the most effective methods of strength and endurance. This will ensure your body to recover faster after a match or competition. A number of athletes use this method to encourage or intensify their training before the game. It also accelerates rehabilitation after injuries.

To enhance the effect of whole-body cryotherapy it is advised to support it with local cryotherapy, which directly affects the painful area.



1 procedure - 10 €

Season ticket - 10 entries + 1 for free - 100 €

Local cryotherapy with cryofan

1 procedure - 4 €

Season ticket - 5 entries + 1 for free - 20 €


Cryosauna can not be combined with other types of saunas for the next 24 hours after the procedure. Massages are allowed.

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