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You can find a lot of museums and sights, cultural and historical monuments and commemorative houses of important Slovak personalities in Martin. One of the symbols of Martin is Matica slovenská – the important cultural and national institution. Here are some more that you can visit:

SNM in Martin – Ethnographic Museum – the permanent exhibition presents the most beautiful sights of Slovak folk culture – historical costumes, embroidery, original inventory of traditional houses and farm yards.

Museum of Martin Benka – exhibition presents environment and authentic art works of Slovak national artist, primarily a painter and illustrator Martin Benka. The interiors of the museum – a study room, studio and bedroom – are by the last will of the master Benka preserved in its authentic form.

Museum of the Slovak Village – are you a lover of folk architecture? The largest ethnographic open air exhibition in Slovakia presents traditional architecture and a way of living in Slovakia in the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. In the museum there are 145 residential, agricultural, technical, social and religious buildings of the regions Orava, Liptov, Kysuce-Podjavorníky and Turiec.

Museum of Czech culture in Slovakia – exhibition presents specific environment and work of spouses Horákovci who were important personalities documenting traditional relations between Czechs and Slovaks.

Museum of Roma Culture in Slovakia – exhibition presents the origins and history of Roma people. The other part of the exhibition is devoted to traditional culture and way of life of Gypsies.

Slovak National Literary Museum – Its permanent exposition presents the history of Slovak literature and writings from ancient times to the present, and resides in the first building of the Matica slovenská built in 1865.

Turiec gallery – it is located in the ancient house where the highest representatives of former Turiec County resided. You can visit the exhibitions devoted to regional authors and gallery also presents works of established Czech and Slovak artists, as well as works of the youngest generation of artists.

Museum of the Slovak Red Cross – mission of the museum is to collect, manage, protect and professionally process documents related to the history and development of the Red Cross in Slovakia, and make them available to the public.

National Cemetery – at this moment there are around three hundred prominent personalities buried – writers, lawyers, editors, as well as scientists and many others. The National cemetery was declared a national cultural monument.

Slovak Chamber Theatre – you will be enchanted by the historical building with attached theatre studio on the Main Square. If you are interested – information about the program can be found at the hotel reception.


The area of Turiec is known for its distinctive folklore and maintained folk traditions. The examples of rich history of Turiec are the ruins of castles in Blatnica, Sklabiňa and Zniev, as well as manor houses, churches and mansions of the region. Individual municipalities, which are located in the region, have its own rich tradition in oil production; peddle with saffron (Blatnica) or craftsmanship (Mošovce). We have selected some places that are worth visiting in the surrounding villages:

Blatnica – you can find a museum of the famous Slovak photographer Karol Plicka here (old photos of Slovakia, cinematographic and photographic work documenting Slovak folk culture – It is also the starting point to the most visited valleys of the mountains of Veľká Fatra – Gader Valley (18 km) and Blatnická Valley. After walking through Gaderská valley you can visit the ruins of Blatnica castle – easy hike.

Turčianske Teplice - a small town known mainly for its healing springs used by local spas for the treatment of musculoskeletal, urological, skin and gynecological issues.

Šútovo – a touristic starting point for trips to the attractive Šútovská valley. Easy hiking path will lead you to the refreshing waterfall of Šútovo (its height is 38 meters). From this point, you can climb to the Moses springs and finally to the Chalet under the hill called Chleb.

Mošovce – there is a beautiful renovated manor house and also the Museum of Crafts of Mošovce. The village is a popular recreation center – there is Drienok area – with its swimming pool.

Another interesting places you can visit in wider surroundings are: 

Harmanecká cave - Harmanec – direction to Banská Bystrica –

Ruins of Strečno castle – Strečno – direction to Žilina –

Oravský castle – Oravský Podzámok – direction to Dolný Kubín –

Rafts on the river Váh – Strečno – direction to Žilina –

Jánošík holes and lift to the hill Chleb – hiking – Terchová – direction to Žilina –

Hiking and cycling

Those who love hiking have the opportunity to choose from 50 marked hiking trails in the total length of 460 km. Tourists will definitely be amazed by the stunning natural scenery – climbs to the mountains of Malá Fatra – the Kľačianska Magura, Chleb, Veľký Fatranský Kriváň, Martinské hole, Minčol. Mountains of Veľká Fatra offer hills like Borišov, Lysec, Tlstá, Ostrá, Katova skala, Ploská, Kráľova studňa. If you prefer cycling, region of Turiec is perfect for it – it offers a large number of cycling paths with stunning views of the entire valley.
Among the well-known tourist localities belongs Jasenská Valley, Belianska Valley, Kantorská Valley, Blatnická Valley, Necpalská Valley, Gaderská Valley, Turčianska Štiavnička, Šútovo, Trusalová.

Hiking via ferrata to Martinské hole - hiking trail marked with red tourist sign

Ski centres in Turiec Region

Martinské hole -

Valčianska Valley -

Jasenská Valley -